The Oldest Ocean Float Tank Center in the World

on August 30, 2018


Totnes appeals to Vintage Floaters

Oasis Float & Therapy Centre has the accolade of being the oldest, continuous running Ocean Float Centre in the world – for 22 years!

“In the beginning we had 45+ people floating every week” says the creator Faith Luke-Fennell. “Today we have fewer floaters but the number of therapies we offer alongside has greatly increased such as polarity therapy, a variety of massage, reflexology, reiki, lymphatic drainage, colonic irrigation, etc – and it’s a formula that works well for us. We have some float customers who describe visits to more sophisticated float centres in London but they say they find them too sterile and they enjoy the homely, retro feel of Oasis.”

Floating and adrenal exhaustion

Oasis Float Centre floating and adreneline exhaustionOther Oasis fans come because their adrenals are exhausted and their Cortisol levels are very high. “People get stuck in top gear so floating is a good thing to do at the end of a school term or before a holiday, when the body needs to change gear smoothly without crashing. Whether you have a busy mind (or not) during your float, it doesn’t matter: your body will relax anyway and your Cortisol level will drop,” says Faith confidently.

Floating as alternative to meditation

Oasis are located in the middle of the high street in Totnes, a small market town with a fascinating history right in the heart of beautiful South Devon. “The 18-35 year old’s come to us because they think it’s a cool thing to do and an alternative to meditation. Other floaters come for a treat because we can offer an alternative Spa Day to include floating and a choice from our range of therapies. We sit above a lovely organic café so people can easily drift downstairs between treatments or relax quietly in the chill-out zone in the clinic itself. Our gift vouchers are popular for people to use in this way. ”


chris brownThe Oldest Ocean Float Tank Center in the World