Higher Profits with Float Rooms – Long Term Profit is Smart

on August 30, 2018

What is best for business?

Starting a float center? Should I invest in float rooms rather than pods, capsules or tanks? That’s a no-brainer! Yes! Because you will earn far higher profits with Float Rooms! And that’s from day one and then every single day after.

Whatever you may have heard as long as you buy a good quality product from a well established company your clients will all enjoy a high quality experience of floatation. Whether it is a float room, pod, tank or capsule. The big question is which of those products will give your business higher profits by attracting a larger proportion of the population?

High Long Term Profit

Long Term ProfitsFloat Rooms for your Float Center is the smart way to invest when you start a float center. Making the right initial investment you will have a lifetime of increased profits. Why shoot yourself in the foot by not investing in what is best for the long-term profit of your new business?

Making the decision to buy a float room may not even cost you more initially. Check out the prices of high quality products because there are many tanks, pods and capsules that come in at a similar price or even cost more than float rooms. Even if you think a cheaper product will be just as high a quality, compare that difference in price to the extra profit earned by attracting more clients over the life of your business. It far, far outweighs any small initial extra cost.

It is proven from decades of experience that you will attract a much greater percentage of the population to float with float rooms.
Our experience has shown that if you have a good promotional strategy, you can attract a fair share of customers with tanks and pods, but it is the long-term sustaining of your numbers that makes float rooms so much more profitable year in, year out.
I had a multi float tank centre in Brisbane, Australia, which I could pretty much fill with a good promotion, but outside of promotions I could only sustain 45% – 50% occupancy, sometimes less. (So many successful floaters could not entice their partners to float in the tanks; a huge loss in referral business).

My business partner, found the same thing with his float tank centre in South London, England. He decided to pull them out and put in float rooms. The result… His long-term occupancy rose to 65% – 70% and higher.

Given that running costs were only slightly higher with greater usage (ear plugs, towels, etc); this represented a huge increase in profits. Because wages, rent and other costs were already paid for, profits were more than doubled by this increase in occupancy.

Do the maths. It makes perfect sense.

chris brownHigher Profits with Float Rooms – Long Term Profit is Smart