Float Tank Therapy Marketing Package – The Ocean Float Room Videos

on August 30, 2018

Video Visuals in Float Tank Therapy Marketing

You’d be hard pressed to find any well produced, informative professionally shot video explaining and showing float tank therapy. People often comment though on just how good our two videos are – “The Benefits of Floating” and “The Benefits of Ocean Float Rooms”. The Benefits of Floating has had over 150,000 views on YouTube.

Well it won’t be that surprising when I tell you about the people involved in our videos production.

float tank Ocean Float RoomIt was made at a time when Ocean Float Rooms had the London Float Centre in London England. It was the UK’s first dedicated and multi float tank centre and we had many amazing people floating there including a top flight TV producer/director and a TV actress/model. They were both keen and avid floaters and they really appreciated the float experience using the 4 Ocean Float Rooms so they were delighted at the chance to make a video which had a dual educational purpose.

1) To spread the word about floating in a clear, professional but sensitive way by promoting the remarkable benefits of using float tanks.

2) Promote the benefits of the Ocean Float Room float tanks in particular.

Ocean Float Rooms “Free” Float Tank Therapy Marketing Package

Ocean Float Rooms have always recognised the importance of supporting our customers. We work hard to help your commercial float tank center be successful. Deciding on purchasing an Ocean Float Room is the first very important step to giving your business a head start to success. When purchasing an Ocean Float Room Float Tank we include a comprehensive free business marketing package which includes masses of information, advice drawn from a combined 30 years of float center running, templates and last but definitely not least, one to one training. Copies and the use of both of the videos are a part of the free marketing package and training when an Ocean Float Room is purchased. The videos are available with captions in a dozen languages.

So to give belated credits to where credit is definitely due:-

The TV Producer/Director

ned parker

Ned Parker is an extremely talented and experienced Producer and Director of high quality, critically acclaimed factual television with credits on a wide range of subjects and in multiple genres. He has been four times short-listed for a Grierson Award. (The Grierson Awards celebrate innovative and exciting new documentary films.) He has produced and/or directed prime-time documentaries for all major UK broadcasters. You have very likely seen one of his programs from the very impressive list below

  • 2015-present Producer/Director Dramatised Documentary Animal Black Ops Animal Planet World Media Rights Ltd
  • 2014 – present Producer/Director Dramatised Documentary Planes that Changed the World Smithsonian Arrow Media
  • 2014 – present Producer/Director Dramatised Documentary My Millionaire Dollar Id… Smithsonian Nutopia
  • 2013-2014 Producer/Director Black Ops Series 2 Yesterday World Media Rights Ltd
  • 2014 producer – TV Series Documentary CIA Classified Killing Mad Dog Gaddafi
  • 2012 – 2013 Producer TV Series documentary Raiders of the Lost Past 3 Episodes
  • 2013 Producer TV Documentary The Nazis and the Book of Power World Media Rights Ltd
  • 2012 producer TV Documentary Himmler and the Holy Grail
  • 2012 producer TV Documentary Hitler and the Spear of Destiny
  • 2011 – 2012 Producer/Director TV Mafia’s Greatest Hits World Media Rights
  • 2011 Producer/Director TV Extraordinary Women World Media Rights
  • 2008 – 2009 Development Producer TV Various drama, comedy and factual entertainment projects Allan McKeown Presents Ltd
  • 2007 – 2008 Producer TV Mumbai Calling Allan McKeown Presents Ltd
  • 2008 Producer Other Breaking the Cycle Christian Aid/British Red Cross
  • 2007 Development Producer Commercial Adidas Marathon Campaign Stink TV
  • 2007 Head of Production TV Mumbai Calling Allan McKeown Presents Ltd
  • 2006 Producer/Director TV Tourette de France Associated Rediffusion
  • 2006 Producer TV Relatively Famous Associated Rediffusion
  • 2006 Producer/Director TV A Very British Apocalypse Associated Rediffusion
  • 2006 Development Producer TV The Swing Thing Celador Television

The Actress

The lovely actress/model is Charlotte Curtis. She is also a very funny comedienne. Charlotte together with Andreya Lynham had a celebrated show at the Edinburgh Festival called “All Two Girlie”, which they wrote and produced themselves.

Before she started her family her CV included:-

  • BBC TV drama leading actress in a series episode of “Days that Shook the World”
  • BBC TV Drama “Holby”
  • TV series The Alistair McGowan Show
  • TV Johnny Vegas
  • Edinburgh Festival “All Two Girlie”

The Music

The beautiful evocative music was chosen by Ned Parker the producer. It is of course by Moby who graciously allowed us to use his track “Whispering Wind” which creates the perfect mood setting. It is from Moby’s brilliant album Play.

chris brownFloat Tank Therapy Marketing Package – The Ocean Float Room Videos