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Floatation therapy is quickly gaining popularity worldwide because of media coverage, sports people and celebrities who are turning to float for natural relaxation, pain relief, stress relief and much more.  The healing powers of floating in an Ocean Float Room are endless.

Be the first to offer floatation in your area… Be the market leader.

How profitable is a float room

Use the calculator to see how much income you could achieve with a float room.

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Our Process

Our friendly highly skilled in-house team will make your journey from concept to completion an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.


Once we receive your enquiry, we will call you to learn more about your plans and goals, then email you prices with full float room specifications, upgrades and extras available, as well as layout options to ensure optimum use of your space.

Design Support

We can work hand in hand with you, or your architect, to ensure you design the most practical, aesthetic and efficient plan for your space.


Walk you through all the available options to tailor your Ocean Float Room to your needs. When you are ready to purchase, we will prepare your invoice; a deposit is required at this stage.

Site preparation

We will work with you on your site preparation and support documents covering electrical and plumbing requirements, sound proofing options, and so much more. We will finalise layout specifications with you, so the factory has all relevant information for production.

As your site develops we answer any questions or concerns until you are very confident everything has been finished, strictly according to the requirements.

Delivery & Fitting

When your float rooms are ready, you can put your mind at ease, knowing insurance is comprehensive during transit. Ocean Float Rooms, or a local shipping agent will contact you regarding delivery date.

We will carry out your installation. Performed to the highest standard backed by our knowledge gained from years of experience installing hundreds of rooms worldwide.


Once installed, you will be trained fully on how to operate, clean, maintain and look after your Ocean Float Room.


Distilled from over 30 years hands on experience, this proven, power-packed business module outlines the strategies, skills, and procedures required to attract regular clients and establish long-term client loyalty.


We offer full remote technical support, we are just a phone call away.

Purchasing your Float Room

We work with two preferred third party lenders to get the best rate for you.

They have helped start-up’s get off the ground and offer resources for business expansion

Finance in the USA

Financing your float room is easy! We work with Geneva Capital who offer competitive financing for your Ocean Float Room.

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Finance in the UK

Financing your float room is easy! We work with Bluestar who offer competitive financing for your Ocean Float Room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we are often asked. If you have other questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We give you valuable insights into running a successful floatation business, helping get your new floatation facility off to a fast start so you don’t have to learn the hard way. You may have many good ideas yourself – and experience too. However, we have a lot to share from our 30+ years of running centres.

Production times vary depending on our schedule.  The average length of time is 4-6 weeks, ex-works.

Yes, we ship worldwide through our shipping agent network.

This depends on where you are and how many float rooms you order.

We provide a 12 months comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Setting Up

The layout options in the following link will give you a good idea; however, smaller suites can work very well if space is limited. View Ocean Float Room Layouts

We guide our client’s as part of our service.

Plumbing – The float rooms are self contained and don’t require external plumbing, although we do suggest a drain in the plant area in case of a spill. A shower is required in, or near the suite.  An open shower or a single screen is best to minimize cleaning between clients.

Electrical –  The single float room can draw up to 1500 watts. The double float room can draw up to 1900 watts.

When it comes to installation, we have a team of highly skilled fitters and guarantee you the highest quality service based on years of experience installing hundreds of rooms worldwide, both commercially and privately; the results will delight you.

Typically, a full install and commissioning should take around 3 days.


There are two kinds of maintenance, the float room structure, and the salt solution and filtration.

  1. Float Room: The Ocean Float Room is a very durable and reliable product. In a well looked after float room, there is little to replace long term and you are covered by your warrantee to ensure everything is 100% in the beginning.
  2. Salt solution and Filtration: The salt solution of a float room is usually changed every 12 months. If a centre is very busy, some clients may change the solution after 9 months, although this is not normally necessary.  After 25 floats or every week (whichever comes first) the filter is cleaned. Water in a properly maintained Float room is more sterile than in a swimming pool or any other spa equipment, not just because of the high concentration of Epsom salts, but because the volume of water is cleaned and filtered 3 to 4 times and also sanitised after every client.

All tests on the water by health departments show completely sterile water.

Costs are closely related to client usage. Although this is variable depending on the costs where you are and how busy you are, electricity, hygiene maintenance, salt top up and yearly salt replacement, averages out at between 2% to 5% of revenue. This does not include centre costs such as towels, shampoo etc.

We’ve been producing float rooms for over 25 years and continue to improve the design in both form and function.  Just as important to us as the look, are qualities of reliability, durability and low running costs for the owner. As an example, the first float room we ever sold provided 21 years of active commercial service before the centre it was in, closed in 2012.  Our current float room models are virtually bullet proof!

Yes, we offer a full training module on running your float room and that includes practical advice for both you and your clients and includes Building your Float Business: pricing structures and marketing and promotion.

  1. The essential benefits of floating.
  2. How to introduce your clients to the floating experience.
  3. How to Introduce your clients to regular, or long-term floating.
  4. Pre-float and post-float support documents

Full technical support and advice is always available.

  • “It really is no surprise why Ocean Float Rooms are renowned as being the global leaders in this industry. They create remarkably beautiful and high-class float rooms, with incredible performance too; they stand out from the crowd”

    Sarah & Colin O’Garro 7th Heaven Float Room
  • "I just had my Ocean Float Room field evaluation done.  For anyone that has to have this done, you’ll be glad you have an Ocean Float Room.  I had my tanks from another company inspected for the 2nd time and they failed again.   If they pass on the 3rd visit, I will have spent an additional $2,000 to get my other tanks to where they need to be. They put the UL stamp on my Ocean Float Room 1st time (easy pass!).  I spent an additional $0 to get my Ocean Float Room done. Thank you, Ocean Float Rooms, for doing your due diligence with the electronics on your cabins!"

    Greg Griffin Float Madison
  • "Totally agree, Greg! Our three Ocean Float Rooms passed first time and only took 1.5 hours for the inspection."

    Robert Breckel Truth Mind and Body
  • "I don't know if I've ever thanked you for building amazing float cabins. Thank you. I appreciate the hard work you've put into creating an amazing company and an amazing product."

    Dana Highfill Float North
  • "We have had our 4 King size Ocean float rooms Since October 2017. The filtration system is amazing! We have yet to find one single hair in the water.  I personally believe Ocean float rooms are the world's finest. Customer support is exemplary. Chris Koster, Tony Fast and the whole crew provide impeccable service. The electronics are incredibly user friendly to alter individual float programs. I can't say enough good things about the whole Ocean Float Rooms Family. They are highly and quickly responsive to be any issues that may arise."

    Casey Nichole Burton Blissful Floats
  • “Our 1st centre was 2 Ocean float rooms and 2 pods, but after weighing the pros and cons, we decided to do 4 Ocean float rooms for our 2nd float centre and no pods.  We feel the maintenance is easier and that, while some people are reluctant, or unwilling to float in a pod, everyone is comfortable in the float room. We are very happy with our Ocean Float Rooms…”

    Gina Antioco Lift / Next Level Floats NY
  • “I'm finding we are getting a lot of people in who will not even try a pod, but they are happy to use the Float rooms. My centre got very busy, very quickly.”

    David Vickery Float Centre Okotoks
  • "We have 6 Ocean float rooms, and, in my opinion, float rooms are absolutely crucial and the only choice when opening a float studio now, or in the future. It gives you the edge. Matthew Smith Modern Gravity. Co-founder, Float Collective"

    Matthew Smith Modern Gravity. Co-founder, Float Collective
  • "We are enjoying our third week of trading and are thrilled that we installed OFR. Our customers are blown away by their beauty and feel. Thank you ."

    Liquid Zen Australia
  • "Which vendor to use was an absolute no-brainer and an easy decision to make. The aesthetics of the Float Room, the lighting, the maintenance routine, just seemed absolutely right for us. Our support during the entire build and deliver period was excellent. We had weekly phone calls just to check, double check and triple check we were doing things correctly ahead of the room arrival. Even texts at the weekend shows the level of customer commitment."

    The Ross Family Urban Float Aberdeen
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