Roomy & Luxurious Float Rooms

Floatation sessions are all about relaxation, but a significant proportion of the general public are too nervous of confined spaces to ever consider entering a typical floatation tank.

We solved this problem by completely redesigning the float environment. Our floatation rooms are reassuringly tall and are accessed through a conventional style door.

Our float rooms allow floatation centres to increase their reach to a larger audience, whilst enhancing the user experience with a space that allows for the deepest rest on earth. The space to lay back and gaze up at the stars, or into the velvet darkness, to surrender to the experience.  Our float room is a perfect fit for any flotation spa or wellness centre.

A soft white marine-grade fibreglass interior, curved ends, stepped ceiling and a gently curved wide door with a concealed magnetic catch

There’s no other float room quite like it

Introducing the Ocean Float Rooms

Freestanding float tanks, available in two sizes and multiple configurations

Single Float Room

96.5” (244cm) long

57” (145cm) wide

87” (220cm) minimum height possible

95.5” (240cm) standard height

Side door single

Left door option

Right door option

End door single

Filtration to the side

Filtration on the end

Double Float Room

96.5” (244cm) long

80.5” (204.5cm) wide

87” (220cm) minimum height possible

95.5” (240cm) standard height

Side door double

Left door option

Right door option

End door double

Filtration to the side

Filtration on the end

Mood Lighting

Underwater Pacific Blue LEDs create a blue-lagoon environment, whilst illuminating the spacious interior with a feeling of tropical calm.

Easy access

An inviting and generously proportioned side opening doorway offers easy entry and exit for everyone, including the less able. Conveniently positioned grab handles and slip resistant floor giving greater safety, comfort and security. A magnetic door catch allows easy opening.

Submersed in sound

Transducer speakers cleverly positioned within the roof and below water level produce a crystal clear “sea of sound” that envelops the client and flows out into the suite, for feelings of gentleness and relaxation whilst showering and changing.

No Maintenance Heater

Our unique, low-watt density heater is fully screened against electro-magnetic radiation. The patent pending design ensures remarkably stable and even heat distribution throughout the water to produce the perfect float. This is the most advanced of its kind on the global float market.

Multi Room Control

Our Smart Float®  system gives you fully automated control over your  daily operations and maintenance programme. Controlled from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone, Smart Float® includes fully adaptable float cycles, music control, professional intercom, and control of float room and suite environment; including temperature, automatic filtration and sanitation in and out of hours, down-time settings, customer-specific session settings, the option to control the suite temperature … and much more.

Deep Clean Filtration

A powerful, but quiet magnetic-drive pump with high capacity filtration system cleans the float solution a minimum four times whilst each client is showering and dressing. Sterilisation is automatic, eliminating the manually adding chemicals.


Up to 100mm, (4″) efficient thermal and sound insulating materials used in the float room construction creating a warm, stable and quiet float environment whilst reducing operational costs.

Bespoke Panels

Our high quality, standard finishes include 50 designs, colours and patterns from six panel ranges.

Starter Kit

Full Chemical and Maintenance kit includes cleaners, testers, chemicals, etc.

Make your Ocean Float Room truly unique

The standard room is a work of art in its own right. However, the effect can be further enhanced with bespoke finishes, Cathedral ceilings and other upgrades.

Tailored For You

Printed Glass

Why not personalise your float room with an image of someone meaningful, something special, or your logo on a hardened glass finish. Supply a high-resolution digital file and we will do the rest. Choose from an infinite variety of digital images already available.

Starlight Ceiling

Loved by Ocean Float Room owners and their clients our wonderful, authentic star-lit ceiling is patterned from a blue print of mid-summer night sky. We install 168 and 224 stars which twinkle, change colours and brightness, depending on your preferred choice and size of float room.

Tiles & Glass

Hardened coloured glass offers a clean, classy and stunning finish in a range of beautiful colours. Maintenance free and easy to clean, you will love its resilience and lasting quality. Choose your favourite tile for a variety of high quality looks.


The remarkable QUANTUM takes water hygiene and water clarity to the ultimate level.  Only pure, sterilised water is released so your float room water will sparkle in a way you’ve never seen. The only technology available with the ability to instantly destroy all viruses, bacteria, pathogens and completely break oil, skin cells and organic contaminants.


Due to its ease of use and clarity of voice, our software-based intercom system is the therapists and professional’s choice. Clients are relaxed and reassured in the knowledge that float staff are also the push of a button away.

Cathedral Ceilings

Add to the tranquillity and wonderful sense of space your clients feel as they step inside your float room by increasing the interior height. The float room can be extended by up to 500mm (20”).

  • “It really is no surprise why Ocean Float Rooms are renowned as being the global leaders in this industry. They create remarkably beautiful and high-class float rooms, with incredible performance too; they stand out from the crowd”

    Sarah & Colin O’Garro 7th Heaven Float Room
  • "I just had my Ocean Float Room field evaluation done.  For anyone that has to have this done, you’ll be glad you have an Ocean Float Room.  I had my tanks from another company inspected for the 2nd time and they failed again.   If they pass on the 3rd visit, I will have spent an additional $2,000 to get my other tanks to where they need to be. They put the UL stamp on my Ocean Float Room 1st time (easy pass!).  I spent an additional $0 to get my Ocean Float Room done. Thank you, Ocean Float Rooms, for doing your due diligence with the electronics on your cabins!"

    Greg Griffin Float Madison
  • "Totally agree, Greg! Our three Ocean Float Rooms passed first time and only took 1.5 hours for the inspection."

    Robert Breckel Truth Mind and Body
  • "I don't know if I've ever thanked you for building amazing float cabins. Thank you. I appreciate the hard work you've put into creating an amazing company and an amazing product."

    Dana Highfill Float North
  • "We have had our 4 King size Ocean float rooms Since October 2017. The filtration system is amazing! We have yet to find one single hair in the water.  I personally believe Ocean float rooms are the world's finest. Customer support is exemplary. Chris Koster, Tony Fast and the whole crew provide impeccable service. The electronics are incredibly user friendly to alter individual float programs. I can't say enough good things about the whole Ocean Float Rooms Family. They are highly and quickly responsive to be any issues that may arise."

    Casey Nichole Burton Blissful Floats
  • “Our 1st centre was 2 Ocean float rooms and 2 pods, but after weighing the pros and cons, we decided to do 4 Ocean float rooms for our 2nd float centre and no pods.  We feel the maintenance is easier and that, while some people are reluctant, or unwilling to float in a pod, everyone is comfortable in the float room. We are very happy with our Ocean Float Rooms…”

    Gina Antioco Lift / Next Level Floats NY
  • “I'm finding we are getting a lot of people in who will not even try a pod, but they are happy to use the Float rooms. My centre got very busy, very quickly.”

    David Vickery Float Centre Okotoks
  • "We have 6 Ocean float rooms, and, in my opinion, float rooms are absolutely crucial and the only choice when opening a float studio now, or in the future. It gives you the edge. Matthew Smith Modern Gravity. Co-founder, Float Collective"

    Matthew Smith Modern Gravity. Co-founder, Float Collective
  • "We are enjoying our third week of trading and are thrilled that we installed OFR. Our customers are blown away by their beauty and feel. Thank you ."

    Liquid Zen Australia
  • "Which vendor to use was an absolute no-brainer and an easy decision to make. The aesthetics of the Float Room, the lighting, the maintenance routine, just seemed absolutely right for us. Our support during the entire build and deliver period was excellent. We had weekly phone calls just to check, double check and triple check we were doing things correctly ahead of the room arrival. Even texts at the weekend shows the level of customer commitment."

    The Ross Family Urban Float Aberdeen

Purchasing your float Room

We have a solution for every situation.

We work with two preferred third party lenders to get the best rate for you.

They have helped start-up’s get off the ground and offer resources for business expansion.

Our Process

Our friendly highly skilled in-house team will help make your step by step journey from concept to completion an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.


Finance in the USA

Financing your float room is easy!  We work with Geneva Capital who offer competitive financing for your Ocean Float Room.

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Finance in the UK

Leasing your float room is easy!  We work with Bluestar Leasing who offer competitive leasing for your Ocean Float Room.

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