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Float Tank or Float Room

on August 28, 2018

Before setting up your Float business ask yourself this important question: “Will the float tank environment influence my potential clients’ attitude to floating?”

Take the time to find out using the simple survey at the bottom of this page. The answers you get will be key to your success.

Before developing the Float room we spent 3 years extensively researching this question, testing a variety of float tank designs at numerous exhibitions and shows and recording peoples’ reactions…

Less than 50% of people were comfortable with the smaller float tanks and this included people who experienced a degree of anxiety and needed to be reassured. Most of the remaining 50% or so of people felt too uncomfortable to even look inside the float tanks, but hurried off: the thought of being in such a small space was just too difficult for them.

These crucial findings inspired us to develop the spacious Ocean float room with the goal of potentially attracting 100% of people. The response to the float room at shows and exhibitions was fantastic, with over 90% of people being openly positive. These results where confirmed in our own centre when we exchanged float tanks with float rooms and saw an immediate growth in our business.

Trust your own research and try this simple test:

Show interior pictures of the Ocean floatation room to one of your potential clients who has not floated before and ask if they could float in it. Then show interior pictures of any capsule or pod style float tank and ask them the same question. Repeat this with 25 to 30 of your potential customers. Even with such a small sample you will notice a very real difference.

Listening to what your customers want is the key to success.

Richard CampbellFloat Tank or Float Room