Advantages of a Double Ocean (King Size) Float Room

on August 29, 2018

In 2013 we developed our very high-quality and beautiful, double float room. We now have very happy double float room clients in Germany, the UK, Australia, and the USA.

There are many advantages to owing a KING SIZE, or double Ocean float room.

  • The potential to generate up to 60 or 70% more revenue than a single room
  • Large, long term savings in rent: you only need a slightly larger site room compared to 2 separate site rooms.
  • Our double float room consumes 65% of the electricity compared to 2 standard float rooms.
  • A reluctant customer is more likely to try floating for the 1st time if they can share the experience. The ability to calm the not so calm person by having their loved one, or care provider (someone they trust) beside them, at least until they get used to floating, is critical for their healing.
  • Pregnant woman can have their partner lay beside them and feel the baby’s movement and experience a bond like no other. She will also have the security of knowing someone is there to assist her if need be.
  • Elderly people could get confused, but with their care provider they won’t be focusing on their state of confusion and can simply float.
  • Parent and child float sessions are a lovely way to encourage the young to float.
  • Teenagers who are stressed/anxious find a calming reassurance floating with their mum or dad.
  • couples floating – the bonding experience with two people floating together can create an amazing closeness between them and put any problems into perspective.
  • Double room are ideal for the larger athletes and everyday people.
  • Autism, ADHL, anxiety, psychiatric or mental disorders, depression, bipolar, PTSD, Asperger syndrome – all these disorders would find comfort knowing their trusted care provider is next to them.
  • The more seriously less abled and injured can more easily experience the benefits of floating with the help a partner, or carer.

So when considering buying a float room, or when designing a multi float room centre, consider the market you are aiming at and ask the question: will I help more people and have a more successful business if I include a KING SIZE, or double Ocean Float Room?

chris brownAdvantages of a Double Ocean (King Size) Float Room