What is Floatation Therapy

on August 28, 2018

Floatation therapy is a medical treatment using sensory deprivation within a floatation tank or float room. Years of well documented tests show that floatation therapy not only has an immediate effect on pain relief and elimination of stress, it also promotes ‘whole-brain’ thinking. Many athletes, writers and artists have experienced enormous benefits from floatation therapy utilising floatation tanks.

Floatation therapy applications for sports people and athletes
  • Deep muscular relaxation
  • Accelerates healing of injuries
  • Enhances Performance using visualisation
Floatation therapy benefits for business people
  • Complete physical & mental de-stressing
  • Deep muscular relaxation
  • Rejuvenates energy levels
  • Enhances Creativity
Floatation therapy for students
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Promotes clarity of thought process
  • Aids accelerated learning

Sensory deprivation therapy utilises floating as a method of attaining the deepest relaxation one can experience, this type of sensory therapy can help to ease a number of medical conditions and symptoms.

Floatation sensory deprivation tank therapy is used widely in the treatment of stress, anxiety, jet lag and to improve concentration and creativity. Flotation taps into the senses of the brain and is widely used by sports persons to improve performance. Wind down is also enhanced during sensory deprivation floating therapy. Did you know that one hour of floating in a float tank has the restorative effects of 4 hours of sleep. This is mainly due to the effects of sensory deprivation caused inside the flotation tank.

Richard CampbellWhat is Floatation Therapy