Underwater Wheelchairing and Chronic Fatigue

on August 30, 2018

Hands On Clinic Floatation Therapy

Braunton in North Devon, UK is in an area of outstanding natural beauty with the most stunning sand dune beaches in England. Not the first place you’d think of in terms of the population density to support a thriving treatment clinic and successful Ocean Float Room floatation centre. However, people travel from far and wide to visit Hands On Clinic, who combine a fantastic array of best therapy practice with float therapy to meet everyone’s needs

Phil Steward, a locally renowned therapist who runs the clinic, is a hands on Bowen Therapist and enthusiastically incorporates the benefits of floatation therapy with his treatments.

Sue Austin, one of his clients, is herself an amazing and famous performing artist who first visited Phil Steward in an electric wheelchair, severely immobilised with ME & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She couldn’t get out of bed for days on end.

Sue likes to float before her weekly Bowen treatment – and with such results! 3 years on, she walks out of the clinic with her crutches tucked under her arm and she doesn’t bother with them at all while walking around her house.

As for the electric wheelchair … well, it too has taken a turn for the better as Sue’s energy levels have sky-rocketed. It’s now become part of her exciting performance art and she’s found a crazy way of using it for scuba diving. She speaks about this and much more in a TED talk. It is a very inspiring and fascinating talk which you can find here. Meanwhile NASA are finding ways to send her into outer space, bringing a whole new dimension to the potential of floating.

sarah goodhewUnderwater Wheelchairing and Chronic Fatigue