High tech Float Center opens in Babylon

on August 30, 2018

Right in the heart of The Hague

Float Center Babylon can be found in a prime position in the corner of the second floor, with highly visible frontage from ground level. It has three of the latest Ocean Float Rooms with Starlight Ceilings, two Halu Baths (similar to the Hammam Bath but on a bed of smooth pebbles not marble), massage therapy, a sauna, and a sun bed.

It is almost next door to Central Station, in a recently re-opened, once-exclusive shopping mall called New Babylon. In its earlier life this was an upmarket mall called Babylon, which was closed for many years while a major renovation took place. It’s the task of the new owners to lure the exclusive brands back into the centre.
Babylon Mall Float Centre Hague
There are two floors of retail shops, which include a classy tea room and an upmarket restaurant soon to open. Soon a luxury hotel is opening next door to them, which will boost their trade further since visitors will pass by their entrance on their way to check-in.

The third floor upwards houses many exclusive offices, including a large Law practice with over 400 lawyers . There is also Fitness studio which is not catering for Well-being at all and is only too keen to refer these enquirers to The Float Centre. And towering over them all are two high rise blocks containing exclusive penthouse apartments overlooking The Hague and with views as far as the sea, currently selling at around 1 million Euros a piece.

All this bodes most well for Float Center Babylon who aim to cater for the large ex-pat EU community, local workers and the tourists who flock into town in their droves.

It’s early days yet but the signs are very good, especially as Float Rooms Holland have recently staged a press launch in their prestigious float centre in Amsterdam. 40 of the top Dutch journalists came and already the word is out on floatation in Holland as the business to be in. Inevitably this will have a knock on effect on trade in both Float Centres in The Hague too.

chris brownHigh tech Float Center opens in Babylon