Floatation? What do ALL of these have in common?

on August 30, 2018

What connects all of these?

  1. A swanky French hotel
  2. A back yard garden shed
  3. A lighthouse
  4. A grand palace – Previously home to the Lord Major of London and no less than 6 Archbishops
  5. The star of the stage show “River Dance”
  6. A very famous 1980’s band
  7. A Saudi Prince

Yes they have all had Ocean Float Room float tanks installed!

Planning a floatation center? Will An Ocean Float Room float tank fit into your space?

Worried that it won’t fit? Is your space large or small, expansive or cramped, square or even round like a light house? It is really not a problem. Basement, penthouse, back yard, we have installed in all of them! When the Ocean Float Room was created, twenty five years ago, we were installing them in London, England, UK. Many buildings there are beautiful, quaint old buildings but they are often very small. Space is at a premium in London where rooms can be cramped, the stairs are narrow and winding, ceilings are low and where the floors, walls and ceilings are at odd angles. These challenges we have always overcome.

Now we install all over the world and of course most places are a breeze in comparison. Experience is everything though and our knowledgable agent network will be able to advise you on anything that might concern you. We are a UK company but we have Ocean Float Room agents throughout Europe, North America, Russia and the Middle East.

The subject of planning a float center is one that interests many of you so in future blogs we will talk about what size and type of space you need when you are planning a commercial float tank centre. We will discuss various layout options, what you need to know when choosing a location and much more.

sarah goodhewFloatation? What do ALL of these have in common?