Epsom Salt and Flotation Tanks

on August 30, 2018

Why The Lazy Frog loves Epsom Salt!

Having renovated six student houses in the University town of Swansea in Wales with his brother and friend, Hwel needed another outlet for his creativity. “Passive income from rentals is ok, but I’m the kind of person who needs a project otherwise I can feel frustrated” says Lazy Frog’s innovator. “That’s how I came to try floating myself. I’d first learned about it at school and how it was used by Rugby teams to increase their performance. I thought I’d give it a go – and since there was nowhere else in Wales to float, I travelled to London. We now have three Ocean Float Rooms of our own and we’re still the only Float Centre in Wales!”

10 years on Hwel and partner Zita are kept busy running The Lazy Frog in a popular residential area of Swansea alongside looking after two children under five. The Lazy Frog offers float sessions of varying durations, often times combined with Infrared Sauna or another therapy. Five resident therapists offer 8 different treatments to choose from. Hwel’s wife, is a very strong advocate of the Epsom Salts used in Floatation therapy to create the saturated water solution that enables you to float. “Epsom Salts are powerfully restorative for the body by boosting levels of magnesium absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is also required to help absorb calcium – and so many people are deficient in both. We sell Epsom Salts by the bag and customers like to offer it as a gift in combination with a float or a float/infrared sauna voucher.”

Here are 12 well-being qualities of using Epsom Salt used in conjunction with floatation therapy”:

  1. Beats bloating. Bathing in Epsom Salt reduces water retention in the tummy.
  2. Hangover Cure. Sulphates in Epsom salt flushes out toxicity caused by alcohol and reduces dehydration.
  3. Bouncy Hair. Add a handful of Epsom Salts when shampooing to soak up excess oil in greasy hair.
  4. Lovely Legs. For even-tone, summer-ready limbs and to lessen the appearance of bruises and blemishes, apply a cold flannel soaked in Epsom Salts to the skin.
  5. Facial Rejuvenator. Add them to your usual cleanser to exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin to remove toxins and rehydrate the skin.
  6. Foot Soak. For hot tired feet, bathing in an Epsom Salt solution will reduce swelling and puffiness, remove odours and soften the skin.
  7. Skin Saviour. Rubbing granules all over wet skin will remove dead skin and promote healing and rejuvenation.
  8. Combats Cellulite. The magnesium draws toxins and fluids to the surface of the skin. Skincare celebrity, Ole Henriksen recommends a Shower Smoothie:
    • Half-a-cup Epsom Salts. Half-a-cup coffee granules, I tsp Eucalyptus oil, and enough Sesame Oil to form a smooth paste. Mix together and work in for luminous skin.
  9. Blitz Spots. Hailed as a budget treatment for skin prone to spots. Rich in minerals, Epsom Salt can be used as an exfoliator and to decrease the depth of acne scars.
  10. Itchy Skin or Bug Bites. Spritz a solution onto itchy skin or apply a cold, wet flannel compress.
  11. Sunburn Relief. Soothe minor sunburn with an Epsom Salt spritz directly onto skin.
  12. Sleep Better. For both children and adults, add a cup of Epsom Salt to the bath before going to bed to promote peaceful sleep.
chris brownEpsom Salt and Flotation Tanks