Cool colour in your Float Tank – Jazz up your Float Room

on August 30, 2018

Great effects with color in float tanks

Take a look at what they have done at Float Amsterdam Holland and Halsa Spa in CanadaFloat Room House PinkFloat Room House Blue


Float Room House Pink 300x200
Float Room Pink int Maxi Halsa Spa 300x200
Float Room House Blue 300x200
Float Room violet int Maxi Halsa Spa 300x200


Design Freedom and flexibility on float tank interiors and exteriors

Thinking of planning, starting or opening a float center or looking for a float tank for your home? Apart from the effects you can create with lighting you can also choose your own color for the interior of the float tank and the door and frame. You even have the choice of the same colour or different colours for interior and door. Integrating your float tanks into the overall design of the centre is very important so having maximum flexibility in design elements is very helpful. So whether you are designing the float center yourself or you have a design team doing it for you, having as many options as possible coupled with our own advice is invaluable and a lot more fun.

You can either choose from a selection of our external finishes or discuss with us your own custom finish.

sarah goodhewCool colour in your Float Tank – Jazz up your Float Room