Business Competition

on August 30, 2018

Why be glad if another float tank center opens in your city?

Some people who are planning a Flotation Tank Center sometimes worry that someone else might open a float centre near them.

Yes in some businesses sectors business competition can be a problem but not with a flotation tank center. So far no city in the world has too many flotation tank centres yet.

Ocean Float Rooms manufacture float tanks but remember we got started in this business by running our own float centres. Our directors were the first to start multi float tank centers in both Brisbane Australia and London England. Of course many many others followed opening float centers in those cities . Did the business competition harm our businesses?

Hell no! Quite the opposite. It helped our businesses. Being the first in a city does give you one advantage as you get the chance to establish your name in the public eye as the pioneer and authority of floatation therapy in that city. It is also relatively easy for an early adopter to get free publicity for this extraordinary experience and tool. The downside of being the first float tank center anywhere at the moment is that it is still early days in the floatation tank industry and if you are the first in a city for example you have to be ready to forge the way and educate a lot of folk. It takes great marketing and networking to get the word out there about something so new and unusual.

So if another one or two float centres open in your city rather than be worried about business competition, be glad. here’s why.

In Portland Oregon there are four float tank centers and “Float On” are a great example. The more businesses there are out there spending money and energy to promote floatation, to tell as many people as possible about floatation, the better it will be for your business. The more people who hear about it the better for you. The more people in your city, town or village who understand the benefits of floatation, the more clients will come and try it. The more the message gets out in as many different ways as possible the better.

It takes time for people to trust a new idea enough to give it a go. They need to hear it a few times and the more businesses and people who talk about what floatation therapy can do, about how good it is, the better. There are a lot of people out there that have never even heard about floatation therapy. They have no idea what it is or what it can do for you. It’s exciting being an introducer of new technology and even more so in this case because it facilitates such a positive therapy that helps supports and transforms people. Business Competition can help your pioneering business grow.

The more people who hear about it the more people will give it a try. The more people who try it the more people will spread the word. Floating is such an amazing experience people can’t help themselves and have to tell others. Word of mouth is better in many respects than paid for marketing. It costs less and personal recommendation cannot be beaten. The more centers out there the bigger the buzz. Have you heard of the tipping point? If not read about it in this great book. So we say, from personal experience, welcome with open arms other float centers into your city.

Other reasons that business competition is a good thing

  • It encourages higher standards. Higher standards of cleanliness, of customer care, of everything. If you are starting a new business you know that you can be the best. Here’s a good quote “Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.”
  • Business competition forces you not to stagnate. It encourages you to innovate.

Here’s what a float center owner said about business competition opening near to them –

“I started my centre in my home with one float tank. In time this grew to two and I then moved premises to start a fully commercial float centre. Unbeknown to both of us another centre was about to open in the very same STREET! We both started with 2 float tanks and I was worried how a centre so close would affect my business. The answer was. POSITIVELY! The joint advertising effort and presence really helped register floating in the minds of people and often a client would come in who heard about it through the other centre’s advertising. My Advice? Just be the best; if ever there are too many centres, you will be the one left standing.”

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