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Way back in 1985, Ron Kemeny, founder of Ocean Float Rooms, fell in love. He had discovered floating. (Ron’s love never cooled: he has floated more than 1,200 times!) Floating inspired him to open the first commercial float tank centre in the UK in 1986, and to co-found the UK Floatation Tank Association to promote floatation and set standards for UK float centres.

Unfortunately, Ron’s centre was based on capsule style float tanks and he sadly discovered many people would never take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to float. A strong fear of small, enclosed spaces was keeping them away. At first disappointed, but later determined, Ron floated regularly searching for a solution. Mid float, one day, the answer came, and it was elegantly simple! Design a spacious, yet space efficient float room.

5 years research and development, trial and experimentation, lead to the release of the original Ocean Float Room: an elegant, invitingly spacious float tank that opened floatation to everyone,
It was instantly a hit and in the 1990s Ocean Float Rooms supplied 80% of all floatation facilities in UK businesses despite there being 12 other start-up float tank companies.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world in Brisbane, Australia, Chris Koster was wrestling with the same challenge. What he experienced in his centre during the 1990s, which he indisputably confirmed over 3 years of float tank promotions at numerous shows and exhibition, was that that effectively half of potential clients were completely lost causes due to their negative perceptions of the tanks.

Just before the new millennium Chris sold his business and came to the UK for an extended holiday. One day, in desperate need of a float he discovered the Ocean float rooms in Ron Kemeny’ s hugely successful float centre. He LOVED the rooms and the pleasure of floating in them. It was an eureka! moment as he immediately saw the huge potential for clients to build successful businesses and help unlimited people.

Although from a science background, Chris started working in the float room factory and in no time had taken over purchasing, manufacturing, product development, site preparation, installation and float room servicing. He also worked 3 days and nights a week in the centre, but after 6 months of working 7 days a week and many nights, he gave it up to focus on Ocean Float Rooms. His great passion and love was to create the most beautiful, functional and reliable float room possible, to enable owners to focus on their business.

Building a team around him, Chris later moved on to sales and marketing until he had mastered every aspect of the business, before taking over the company. All this time his focus remained the ongoing development and evolution of the float room.

Chris and his global team’s vision is to create a product as iconic and loved as the leading brands in other industries, while continuing to improve service, reliability and ease of function.

Ocean Float Rooms supply Floatrooms all over the world from the Orkneys to Japan, from Dubai to Mexico. We have been featured in many TV programs including “Tomorrows World”
Ocean Float Rooms is by far the most established and experienced float tank business in the world, with 30 years combined experience running highly successful float centres and, as of 2018, 27 years in manufacturing and supplying float rooms.

We are still supporting clients who purchased float rooms in the 1990s as they continue to be used commercially.

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