Ocean Float Rooms
Ocean Float Rooms
Floatation Therapy For The World

A Float Tank Designed To Capture The Heart

Everyone loves the wonderful therapeutic, benefits of flotation therapy, yet many potential customers cannot face the confined space of a ‘pod’ or traditional float tanks.  That’s why in 1992 we launched our ORIGINAL float room. Today, our history is rich with the lasting business success of countless delighted customers.

Why ask your customers to crawl into a pod when you can invite everyone to step into a float room?

High Ceilings

So users can stand up whenever they wish

Generously proportioned

For a feeling of freedom

Space Saving Design

For maximum efficiency

Even those who dislike confined spaces are happy to float in a spacious Ocean Float Room

High ceilings and the feeling of space ensure the widest possible client base

Perfect for Business
360 Tour
360 view of float room

See for yourself

360° View
  • “It really is no surprise why Ocean Float Rooms are renowned as being the global leaders in this industry. They create remarkably beautiful and high-class float rooms, with incredible performance too; they stand out from the crowd”

    Sarah & Colin O’Garro 7th Heaven Float Room
  • "I just had my Ocean Float Room field evaluation done.  For anyone that has to have this done, you’ll be glad you have an Ocean Float Room.  I had my tanks from another company inspected for the 2nd time and they failed again.   If they pass on the 3rd visit, I will have spent an additional $2,000 to get my other tanks to where they need to be. They put the UL stamp on my Ocean Float Room 1st time (easy pass!).  I spent an additional $0 to get my Ocean Float Room done. Thank you, Ocean Float Rooms, for doing your due diligence with the electronics on your cabins!"

    Greg Griffin Float Madison
  • "Totally agree, Greg! Our three Ocean Float Rooms passed first time and only took 1.5 hours for the inspection."

    Robert Breckel Truth Mind and Body
  • "I don't know if I've ever thanked you for building amazing float cabins. Thank you. I appreciate the hard work you've put into creating an amazing company and an amazing product."

    Dana Highfill Float North
  • "We have had our 4 King size Ocean float rooms Since October 2017. The filtration system is amazing! We have yet to find one single hair in the water.  I personally believe Ocean float rooms are the world's finest. Customer support is exemplary. Chris Koster, Tony Fast and the whole crew provide impeccable service. The electronics are incredibly user friendly to alter individual float programs. I can't say enough good things about the whole Ocean Float Rooms Family. They are highly and quickly responsive to be any issues that may arise."

    Casey Nichole Burton Blissful Floats
  • “Our 1st centre was 2 Ocean float rooms and 2 pods, but after weighing the pros and cons, we decided to do 4 Ocean float rooms for our 2nd float centre and no pods.  We feel the maintenance is easier and that, while some people are reluctant, or unwilling to float in a pod, everyone is comfortable in the float room. We are very happy with our Ocean Float Rooms…”

    Gina Antioco Lift / Next Level Floats NY
  • “I'm finding we are getting a lot of people in who will not even try a pod, but they are happy to use the Float rooms. My centre got very busy, very quickly.”

    David Vickery Float Centre Okotoks
  • "We have 6 Ocean float rooms, and, in my opinion, float rooms are absolutely crucial and the only choice when opening a float studio now, or in the future. It gives you the edge. Matthew Smith Modern Gravity. Co-founder, Float Collective"

    Matthew Smith Modern Gravity. Co-founder, Float Collective
  • "We are enjoying our third week of trading and are thrilled that we installed OFR. Our customers are blown away by their beauty and feel. Thank you ."

    Liquid Zen Australia
  • "Which vendor to use was an absolute no-brainer and an easy decision to make. The aesthetics of the Float Room, the lighting, the maintenance routine, just seemed absolutely right for us. Our support during the entire build and deliver period was excellent. We had weekly phone calls just to check, double check and triple check we were doing things correctly ahead of the room arrival. Even texts at the weekend shows the level of customer commitment."

    The Ross Family Urban Float Aberdeen
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