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Telephone +44 (0)1628 675 870

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All the benefits of floatation therapy without that “closed in" feeling
Uses the same floor space as standard float tanks!
All the benefits of floatation therapy without that “closed in" feeling 
Uses the same floor space as standard float tanks!
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Site Room Info

The following information will help you decide what areas in your building offer the best site room potential. (Full information on site room preparation and installation requirements is available from Ocean Float Rooms.)

  • Site Room size
  • Sound pollution
  • Site Heating
  • Plumbing
  • Hygiene
  • Float Comfort

With a Float room there is no wasted "dead space" as there is around capsule style float tanks and this can make a positive difference when choosing or designing suitable site rooms. The Float door can also be positioned on the side or on the end of the Float room depending on the site room's shape.

Side door entry: for this configuration a site room of approximately 3m x 3m (9.5ft x 9.5ft) will comfortably house the Float Room, shower and changing area. If your site room is larger than this, it will offer added luxury, but a smaller-than-average site room can still be very successful when installed with imagination.

End door entry: for this configuration a rectangular site room of approximately 4.5m x 2m (14.8ft x 6.5ft) will easily house the Float Room, shower and changing area. This allows for a shower with a depth of 900mm (approx. 36").

We have successfully installed into smaller site rooms, as well as unconventionally shaped rooms.

Ocean Float Rooms bath suite with float room
Ocean Float Rooms installation work

95% of all site rooms have excellent sound isolation when combined with the insulating qualities of the Float room. Additional sound proofing, when required, is straightforward.

Please consider proximity to low frequency sounds such as the underground, rail, bus, trucks, air conditioning units and lift wells etc., as this may result in noticeable vibration sound.

Vibration sound, unlike air borne sound, travels via the walls & floors of the building. Surface contact area is irrelevant: it will travel in its entirety through the smallest contact point of the float tank or Float room. Where vibration sound may be a problem we have professional solutions developed over many years experience working with one of Europe’s leading sound specialist companies.


The site room needs to be warm and draught-proof, so consider how many walls may be external walls and whether they will need further insulating. Good heat insulation of the site room will make it easier to control the suite environment and will also cut down on heating costs.

Any windows in the site room will need insulating and covering.

Ocean Float Rooms installation

The Floatroom requires no external plumbing; however, a shower is required in or near the suite. The closer the shower is to the Floatroom the easier it will be for you to clean between floats.

A supply of warm to hot water is also required to initially fill the Float room as well as for ongoing top ups.


Water in a properly maintained Float room is more sterile than in a swimming pool or any other spa equipment. There are 5 reasons why:

  1. There is 1 kg (2.2lbs) of Epsom salts per 1.25 litres 1/3rd of a gallon) of water; this provides a huge inhibitory factor for bacterial survival and growth: it is similar to the Dead Sea.
  2. Use of a Float room is extremely consistent and controlled resulting in a very predictable bather load and one that is easy to anticipate.
  3. Bather load itself is very low for the following reasons:
    a. only one customer at a time uses the Float room;
    b. the customer must use the toilet and shower first;
    c. the customer is usually naked when they enter the Float room and therefore they don’t bring in the high bacteria content typical of swim wear;
    d. the customer’s face and 50% of the body is above the water line;
    e. the customer lies relaxed and very still in order to achieve deep relaxation, the basis of the therapy: there is no vigorous movement or exercise to increase bather load;
    f. unlike spas the solution is skin temperature to reduce sensory stimulation which minimizes fluid loss (sweating) through the skin and therefore bather load;
    f. the customer can't float with open wounds as the salt makes it unbearable (surface scratches are coated with petroleum jelly)
  4. The Float room solution is automatically filtered 4 times between each customer to clean the solution and maintain the residual disinfectant level. (Some manufacturers use small pumps so the solution is only filtered 1.5 to 2 times)
  5. The solution is shock treated once to twice a day.

If correct maintenance procedures are followed complete sterility is easy to maintain.

a. Heat Loss

During a float the air above the water is gradually exchanged with the slightly cooler air outside the float tank/Float room so that the customer has a constant supply of fresh air. During this process heat is lost from the water to warm this new air. By the end of the float as the customer's metabolism slows (which it does as part of the deep relaxation response) they become more sensitive to temperature, so it is essential water temperature is maintained. This is especially true for those regular customers who like a 2 hour float (we find about 20%) and for all-night floats.

The advantage of the Float room's integrated heater is that it gently replaces this slow heat loss without the customer being aware of it. It is also designed so the float environment remains completely free of EMF radiation.

b. Easy Listening

Irrespective of the promise, clear sound, particularly voice, is near to impossible to achieve with standard "underwater" speakers, as they are fitted externally to the bath and are not actually under water. This can cause the client to unconsciously strain as they attempt to try and listen, thus inhibiting their relaxation. Genuine underwater speakers work well, but the face of the speakers can be affected by the concentrated salt and good ones are very expensive.

Sound transducers are the best alternative for clear music and voice as they are designed to combine with the natural acoustic capabilities of the Floatroom shell turning the interior environment into a "sea of sound". This sound also washes into the suite room area providing a gently relaxing ambiance as the customer changes and showers.

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