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All the benefits of floatation therapy without that “closed in" feeling
Uses the same floor space as standard float tanks!
All the benefits of floatation therapy without that “closed in" feeling 
Uses the same floor space as standard float tanks!

What is the population needed to sustain a Float centre?

Floating on airWith the new marketing power of social media and the growing acceptance of floatation, the population required to sustain a float centre grows smaller and smaller.

For example, Okotoks, Canada has a population of 29,000. Okotoks now has its own, 2-float room centre: Float Centre Okotoks. Within a few months of opening, it is busy and doing very well.

Medicine Hut, Canada, has a population of 63,000 and within a few months there will be a 2-float room centre with the capacity for 4 float rooms as business grows.

How things have changed.

Before social medial and before the growing, wider acceptance of floatation, a 4-float room centre might have required twice the population it does now and as floating in on an upward trajectory, the future is yours…

The population required to support a centre gets smaller the more floating becomes better known and accepted. A second centre opening at a similar time, or later, helps to spread the awareness of floating and both centres benefit.

I am the only person I know of who has experienced 2 centres opening at the same time in the same street! This happened when I opened a successful Float centre in Brisbane, Australia. Early fear and anxiety gave way to relaxation and gratitude as it became obvious to both of us (both centres) that we were helping each other grow. The sum of our marketing and promotion was much greater than 1 +1 = 2.

And keep in mind that floating is such a unique and universally beneficial experience, people will come from many miles around, so outer lying population centres contribute to the population you are trying to capture.

In our London Float Centre, which, after 20 years, was unfortunately destroyed by fire along with many other businesses, regular floaters, when on our membership, averaged at least 2 floats per month and floated for an average of over 2 years. (In Brisbane, a less congested city with less time pressure than London, regular floaters came weekly.)

Even at 2 floats a month, the 200 members we had, gave us a floating base of a minimum 100 floats per week. New floaters doing the 3-float trial pack and casual floaters accounted for another 70+ floats a week.

After a marketing campaign, we would often be as near as fully booked for 3 months.



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How good Feng Shui improves your Float Experience

One member of the Ocean Float Room team, Mary Nondé, is also a professional Feng Shui Consultant. Mary speaks candidly about how Feng Shui affects the quality of a float experience.

Why you need space, to relax and let go...

Feng Shui is concerned with improving the quality and flow of energy, or “Chi”, in the environments we live, work, relax and play in – homes, offices, float centres and myriad recreational spaces. This includes eliminating any obstacles that are blocking or curtailing its natural movement.

From a Feng Shui perspective, Chi does not flow so well in confined spaces like the floatation pod or tank, which have more in common with being inside a giant egg shell or a box respectively.

A float room, on the other hand, has more space all around it, allowing the energy field around the body to expand and flow freely.

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Floatation Tanks and King Henry VIII of England

A new lease of life for King Henry’s hunting lodge

Only 12 miles from London, Addington Palace is a gem of green tranquillity with a commanding view over Surrey countryside. Once the hunting lodge of King Henry VIII where it is rumoured he stalked deer as well as well as his interest in Anne Boleyn! In 1997 this grade II listed building was refurbished to its former glory. It’s now a premier Wedding, Conference and Banqueting venue, and includes a luxury Health Spa with an Ocean Float Room.

Gemma has been floating there for 3 years now. She’s the Manager at a mixed boarding school. Very long days on her feet dealing with people - usually 10-hours, sometimes 16 hours when duties extend into the evening. Then her sister introduced her to floating.

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Autism and Sensory Deprivation Tanks

What is Autism?

Autism is commonly misunderstood because it cannot be easily defined or described. It is misunderstood because it covers such a wide variety and usually a combination of different behaviours. Hence the name Autism Spectrum. It is rightly called a spectrum because of the very large variations of types of behaviour, combinations of behaviours and the variations of intensity exhibited of each of these. It is also often not easy to diagnose in babies and young children.

Autistic Behaviour

Behaviours vary greatly from difficulties in social interaction, speech, understanding, tics, repetitive behaviours, orderliness and many many more. The very large number of possible combinations of all of these means that no two people on the Autism Spectrum are the same. If it manifests only in a mild form, many people go through life without ever even knowing it or recognising it. Sometimes they and others are only aware that they are somehow "different" from the average person. However even the so-called average person usually has some behaviour or thought process somewhere on the spectrum if only in a very mild form. Many extremely intelligent or talented or well-known people both past and present have shown characteristics of autism spectrum.

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High tech Float Center opens in Babylon

Right in the heart of The Hague

Float Center Babylon can be found in a prime position in the corner of the second floor, with highly visible frontage from ground level. It has three of the latest Ocean Float Rooms with Starlight Ceilings, two Halu Baths (similar to the Hammam Bath but on a bed of smooth pebbles not marble), massage therapy, a sauna, and a sun bed.

It is almost next door to Central Station, in a recently re-opened, once-exclusive shopping mall called New Babylon. In its earlier life this was an upmarket mall called Babylon, which was closed for many years while a major renovation took place. It's the task of the new owners to lure the exclusive brands back into the centre.
Babylon Mall Float Centre Hague
There are two floors of retail shops, which include a classy tea room and an upmarket restaurant soon to open. Soon a luxury hotel is opening next door to them, which will boost their trade further since visitors will pass by their entrance on their way to check-in.

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