Telephone +44 (0)1628 675 870

Telephone +44 (0)1628 675 870

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All the benefits of floatation therapy without that “closed in" feeling
Uses the same floor space as standard float tanks!
All the benefits of floatation therapy without that “closed in" feeling 
Uses the same floor space as standard float tanks!
Ocean float rooms float room and warm light

Ocean Floatrooms have 30 years combined experience running successful commercial float tank centres.

Float Tanks to Float Rooms

We first floated in the US in the mid 1980s and started the first UK commercial float tank centre in 1986. We also co-founded the Floatation Tank Association which promoted Floatation and became the recognized body in the UK which set standards for UK floatation centres.

We opened our first centre with capsule type float tanks but quickly realised that far too many people were alienated from floating because of fear of a small enclosed space. This realization was powerfully confirmed during 3 years of research and promotion at numerous shows and exhibitions monitoring people’s reactions when seeing the tank for the first time. We discovered that, irrespective of the shapes and designs of the tanks, 50% of the population reacted so strongly they were never going to give floatation a chance. Recognising this huge loss to potential business we were determined to find a solution. Highly motivated and set about designing a Float Tank that was much more inviting to the potential customer.

  • Is it private?
  • Our Vision
  • Rapid Growth
  • Product Durability

Yes, you float within your own individual room (so there is no requirement to wear a swimming costume or trunks). Each of our rooms has its own shower and is for your exclusive use for the duration of your session.

Our vision was to create a product spacious enough to open up the floatation experience to everybody, yet compact and versatile enough to be easily installed in almost any location. We also wanted to incorporate features into the design which made it easy for float centre owners to operate and maintain.

The result after 5 years total research and development, trial and experimentation was the Ocean Float Room: a versatile Floatation tank design available in 12 configurations to suit any site room irrespective of shape.

We installed the new float room into our float centre replacing the original capsule shaped tanks and the customer response was dramatic! We never looked back. As the centre expanded to 4 Floatrooms word got around quickly and we were asked to supply the Ocean Float Room commercially. In the 1990s Ocean Float Rooms supplied 80% of all floatation facilities in UK businesses despite there being 12 other start-up companies.

Ocean Float Rooms are by far the most established and experienced Floatation Tank Company in Europe, having 30 years combined experience in running highly successful float centres and 20 years in manufacturing and supplying float rooms.

5 of the original float rooms we installed in 1990 are still being used commercially today but development and evolution is ongoing. Ocean Float Room regularly release new and improved models incorporating the best technology available. We now supply Floatrooms all over the world from the Orkneys to Japan, from Dubai to Mexico. We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of Floatrooms in the UK and Europe. We have been featured in many TV programs including “Tomorrows World”.

  • Customer support
  • Planning
  • Personalised training

Ocean Floatrooms offers the highest standard of customer care and support both in the initial set up stages and continue on once your business is established. As long-time centre owners we also know how important it is for an owner to keep a float centre open for business and not to be closed due to constant breakdowns.

Our commitment is to get involved with your project from the outset. By working with you from the start we can help you design your space so that your customers will get the best experience from their visit and the space you have available will be utilized to its maximum advantage. Take advantage our unrivalled experience to help you with centre layout, room layout and material choice. Use our knowledge and get it right first time.

The real success of any float centre depends a great deal on how the centre is run and to this end we devote a lot of attention. Why learn by your mistakes? Take advantage of our 30 years combined experience instead. We take time to ensure our customers receive the best training not only in Float Room maintenance but also in building the business and acquiring long term customers. Our training, which includes a marketing module complete with templates, covers such topics as:

  • The most effective ways to attract clients;
  • How to retain clients for the long term: the key to ongoing success!
  • Client float procedures and post float care

The entire training is included as standard because our aim is not only to supply a great product and service but to also support and give our customers all the tools and knowledge necessary to enjoy running a successful float facility.

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