Telephone +44 (0)1628 675 870

Telephone +44 (0)1628 675 870

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All the benefits of floatation therapy without that “closed in" feeling
Uses the same floor space as standard float tanks!
All the benefits of floatation therapy without that “closed in" feeling 
Uses the same floor space as standard float tanks!


I would like to thank you for looking after us so amazingly well on every level. If I was talking

to a client looking to open a centre, I would say the following….

“I have been greatly impressed with Ocean Float Rooms. They are a fabulous team of

people. From beginning to end I’ve not come across a more professional outfit to work with.

At each stage of the way, any questions and queries we asked were checked and addressed

immediately and completely.

I was also very impressed with the after-sales training. The marketing aspect was very

useful; we know what to do, we just need to get on and do it!

I had interviewed two other float suppliers before settling on Ocean Float Rooms and I found

them to be a cut above the rest. With them you get the total package.

I now can’t wait to get the second float room installed!”

Chrysalis Beauty, NY, USA

Hi Chris

The training by Rosie was excellent and really gave us confidence that we can run a great

float centre- it was extremely useful

Kind Regards,

Jaskarn Dhatt, Infinity Float Centre, 7/2 Bishop Browne Place, Botany, Auckland

We operate one of the largest floatation centers in the United States,

and have been very pleased with the product design and customer

service that comprises the company Ocean Float Rooms Limited. The

rooms are easy to use and very elegant. When it comes to support &

maintenance, even several years after purchase of the rooms, Chris

Koster may as well be next door. He always responds to our inquiries

quickly, and with appropriate, practical advice.

Andrew Shinn General Manager, iFloat Westport, LLC

The third and most important point to consider is the type of tanks that you get for your centre

and the experience that the manufacturer can add to this is. This is why I went with Ocean

Float Rooms. I really felt like they had the best tanks and that they would attract the widest group

of people, and this is exactly why I have been able to sell over 200 floats in the first two weeks of

being opened. I have found, in my personal experience, that there are a large amount of people

who are claustrophobic, more than I thought, but even the ones who are very claustrophobic

have a comfortable time once they see the float room and know that they can keep the door

ajar. And with the door on the side of the room, the client stays warm.


Opening a flotation Centre in a relatively small, middle to upscale community can be difficult. This

is why it is so important to have beautiful tanks that can attract and reflect the lifestyle of people

in this demographic.

Jeremy Spang, Surrender to the Float, 236 Church street, Guilford

The initial research to find a product that would complement a high-end floatation

center indicated a clear winner in Ocean FloatRooms. None of the other products

here in the US or abroad offered the capabilities, fit and finish or quality they offered.

Of particular importance to us was the expansiveness and comfort to be found in the

FloatRooms. It is such a nice contrast to the cramped offerings of so many other


After making contact with Chris Koster and his team, our decision to purchase

Ocean FloatRooms was further validated. With their assistance and information,
We were provided with the

abundant documentation, training and research materials compiled by the company

in their many years of operation. These resources remain a touchstone for us in our

ongoing work to establish and open a float center.

Our purchase certainly didn’t end our helpful interaction with Chris and his team.

After wading through the importation and shipping processes with the expert help of

the Ocean FloatRooms’ team, our secure and well-packed, though disassembled,

FloatRooms arrived. We had arranged with Chris for one of the expert installers,

Radek Walewski, to travel to the US in order to put together our four FloatRooms.

Radek arrived as planned, and in short order, had our tanks installed and in working


As with the rest of the team, Radek has an eye for detail, and after the heavy work

was done, busied himself with sharing tips and ideas with us and by polishing the

interiors. At his departure, our FloatRooms looked and functioned perfectly.

From initial information request through the install, our experience with Chris and the

Ocean FloatRooms staff has been, and continues to be, outstanding. If you are

seeking a great experience and high-quality product for your home or business, I

would strongly recommend that you reach out to Ocean FloatRooms.

Sean Morton & Tom Morton, ifloat, ltd., Westport, CT USA

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Tel: +44 (0)1628 675 870

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